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is a juggling Star Trek Geek who can handle a Full Auto Assault Rifle and is no stranger to high octane sets like the drama feature Officer Down playing Detective Brogan opposite Stephen Dorff, James Woods and Stephen Lang. As Dorff’s Forensics partner, Warner provides the smoking gun, helps solve the crime and proves that smart women can be badass sexy.


But it wasn’t always about blood splatter marks and latex gloves, creator Alan Ball wrote a role for her on Six Feet Under long before Dexter was even pitched. From that famed HBO series emerged a surging momentum for Warner in the world of drama television, and even more specifically police dramas. She lit up opposite Mathew Fox (“Haunted”), went toe to toe against Jill Hennesy (“Crossing Jordan”) , and even lost herself in the arms of Anthony LaPaglia (“Without A Trace”). Known for her chameleon-like qualities, she continues to give notable performances in both Television and Film


Once being guided towards the FBI, Warner’s professional directions may have shifted but her admiration for military/law enforcement reverberates in the extensive firearms and tactical combat training she continues today.


N­o shrinking violet, a move from Los Angeles to New York landed Warner onstage and accolades from theatre critics for her leading performance in the production of Pulitzer Prize Nominee Lee Blessing’s political drama “Two Rooms” about an American held captive in Lebanon.


Originally from Cleveland, Ohio she received her formal education at the highly regarded University of Southern California, earning dual degrees from the School of Dramatic Arts, as well as, the School of Cinema-Television with emphasis in Producing and Film Business..





Dame in the

Sovereign Military

Order of Malta

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